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Nagel Brazil Employees participate in Training at Nagel German

Updated: Apr 22

In march, Employees of Nagel Brazil, Carlos Mingardo, Anderson Martoni, and Robson Strombeck, participated in a training program at the company's headquarters in Germany, NAGEL Maschinen-und Werkzeugfabrik. Upon arrival, they were welcomed by Mr. Erkan Hodza, Development Manager and Quality Designer, who shared insights on improvements implemented in recent years.

The employees had a busy schedule during their stay, starting with a presentation of their areas of expertise and discussions on tools and control processes. They were guided by Mr. Jurgen Baier in the Tool Refurbishment area, deepening their knowledge of adjustments and advanced controls in the tool measurement system.

The team then had the opportunity to explore different areas of Nagel, including machining, assembly, boilermaking, and diamond manufacturing. They were welcomed by Mr. Oliver Bachmann, responsible for ELGAN diamond manufacturing, where they discussed the needs and doubts related to the manufacturing of these fundamental components.

Other highlights of the visit included productive conversations with Hans J. Zeitler about the diamond manufacturing process, interactions with Mr. Florian Kranichsfeld in the area of abrasive development and burnishing tests, and an enlightening visit to the Diato plant, where they could understand the alloy and diamond mixing processes.

The program concluded with a visit to the Gehring and Kadia plants, exploring the service center with several honing machines in operation. This international experience was enriching for Nagel Brazil employees, strengthening their knowledge and skills essential to driving innovation and operational excellence in the company.

Nagel Brazil would like to thank the following Nagel group companies: Kadia, Gerinh, Elgan, and Diato. For the reception of the Brazilian employees and all the knowledge sharing provided.

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