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Technology and precision to meet the highest requirements


Honing is a cutting process with an undefined cutting edge to optimize the dimensions, shape and surface of pre-machined parts.


Honed surfaces are characterized by a cross pattern on the surface. High geometric accuracy, even for parts

complex. Specific surface finish for functional areas.


Deep Drilling

Deep drilling is much faster than any other conventional process and has very high accuracy with minimal deviation. No other process achieves this excellent surface finish.


We supply machines and tools for the Single & Multi-Lip, STS/BTA and Ejector deep drilling processes.



Mechanical Deburring Technology is the high quality finish for surfaces and edges.

We specialize in technology for burr-free components, even for complex part contours, providing independent customized solutions as well as fully automated systems for production lines.


​Assembly, Leak Test and Deburring

Standalone assembly stations and turnkey machines for production lines, including deburring and tightness testing technologies.

Extensive experience in assembly, covering internal combustion engines and powertrains.


Tools and Abrasives

Honing Tools

Cannon Drills

Abrasives for Honing and Superburning



Superfinishing for higher quality requirements regarding operational reliability, durability, efficiency and quiet running characteristics.


Economically excellent and superior quality in functional areas with removal of thermally induced surface zones.

Improved bearing lubrication.



Center-less Grinding, Milling and Turning, we provide fully customized machines designed and manufactured for unique applications, with the highest level of automation.


Nagel is known for technologically innovative approaches, extensive knowledge of production technology and decades of experience.


​Laser Applications

Laser roughening as a pretreatment for thermal spray coatings, which are the high-performance materials of the future, i.e. energy-efficient engines with low friction, reduced wear, reduced size and lower weight as well as lower costs of production.


Laser roughening of technical surfaces to increase static friction.



Technologically innovative approaches, extensive know-how in production technology for electric powertrain and system supplier for the automotive industry.

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